Installing to a Hosting

Before using the AsteroidDB, you need to install it on a hosting.

You need to have your own AsteroidDB instance in hosting service to use AsteroidDB. Since it is based on Python, the hosting service must support Python to use AsteroidDB.

Select a supported hosting service down below, and follow the instructions:


Heroku is the easiest way to install AsteroidDB.

1. Click here. This will open Heroku's website to create an new app.

If you don't have a Heroku account, Heroku will ask you to create a new account.

2. Type an app name for your new database like my-asteroiddb. When you done, click to "Deploy app" button.

Heroku's create new app page

Deploying can take some seconds or minutes. But it won't take forever, don't worry. ;)

After deploying process Heroku will give you an URL for accessing your web app something like this:

Now you installed AsteroidDB on Heroku! You can use Web requests to get/store some data.